The Penalty of Being Single

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There from research that was conducted by government experts in Singapore, they found out that there are so many people who are living single either by choice, divorced and others their partners died. One thing that can be realised is that singles do face a lot of challenges.

When you are single, you will have to budget the income that you receive so that you can meet your daily or monthly expenses such as car insurance, car fuel, electricity bills, rent and food since in this case, you will not have anyone who will be supporting you. On the other hand, when it comes to couples they will have the same expenses which they can divide amongst themselves. Although the expenses for the couple can be high, the best thing is that they cannot double.

In simple terms, couples can live as cheap as a one person since they will be sharing most of the things. For instance, they will share a car, electricity, house and cooking gas. Due to this fact if you are single do not be discouraged that you are single and that you are baring all the expenses alone.

There are so many ways that have been provided by licensed moneylender in Singapore that can assist you in overcoming the singles penalty and minimize your necessary expenses. Some of the guidelines are:

Housing bill

Paying for rent in a place you live is one the major challenge that if you are single will face. The best way you can lower the housing bill is by searching for a housemate or roommate. Renting a two bedroom house may cost some extra money compared to a single room, but it can double your utility and rent bills.

If you do not want to look for a roommate, you can look at some of the guidelines that have been revealed by financial experts.

1. Just look for a smaller house with a condusive environment, buy a few necessary items that will enable you to survive.

2. You can avoid some items such as large sofa sets with no meaning as they consume a lot of space in the house. Living in this small house, you will pay a small amount for your rent and even electricity as you will not have much equipment that consumes a lot of electricity.

Look for house sitting gigs that can enable you to live without paying rent at someone’s home as an exchange for taking care of their property while they are away. If you are not willing to permanently stay with another partner, you can rent your extra bedroom to another person so that you are to live in one room.

You can even borrow money from licensed moneylender in Singapore so that you can buy your own house so that you can avoid paying rent every month. Look a licensed money lender who charges low-interest rate with flexible monthly installment. You may spend a lot of money in buying a house, but it will save you a lot of money you could have used in paying rent.

Buying in bulk

Many people usually think that if they buy smaller quantities, they will save a lot of money. From the research by financial experts is that if you buy quantities such as food in large quantities from a grocery shop, you will find it cheaper than buying in small quantities. Once you receive you salary just buy food quantities in large quantities, you leave to buy some groceries on after one or two as they may be perishable.

If you have a refrigerator, you can place any foods that you will eat within a week and freeze some that may take longer. This way you will not spend every time cooking as you will cook on few occasions. By doing this, you will realise that buying a certain commodity lets say cooking oil will assist in saving some dollars.

Buying in bulk with your friends

There is no reason that you cannot buy bulky items whether you are a couple or single. You can focus on items that will not perish easily such as soap, toilet papers and cooking oil. You can look for anyone of your friends who is willing and able to buy household items in large quantities, and this will assist in saving cost. After you have bought the items, then you can divide among yourselves and even share the cost of transportation.

Reduce your transportation

To reduce the amount that you spend on your transportation you buy or rent a house near an area good public transport where you can access your services with ease. You can decide to walk to your place of work if it is near so that you can reduce the transportation cost. These will not only minimize transport cost but will also assist you in doing exercises that will impact greatly on your health.

If you own a car that is not in good condition and struggle a lot in maintaining it every day, you can decide to sell it and buy a reliable car as little as $3000 up to 6000. Just go for a car that does not consume a lot of fuel, avoid buying a car for luxury at it can cost lot money in fueling it.

It some cases you be spending a lot in paying bus fare, in that you can approach the licensed moneylender in Singapore as they can lend you some money to a buy a car.

Being single does not mean you will face a challenge in meeting your necessary expenses. Just be creative and look for a thing that can minimize the cost of living, you can even get friends who can assist in sharing the cost. Do you know that a single step can lower the bills by so many dollars within a month? So many singles have followed the above guidelines, and they have lived to enjoy the rest of their life as they have curbed the challenges that singles face. If you ever need some financial assistance, contact Easy Credit Directory and see what’s available!

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