Why You Should Travel To Malaysia Without Car Insurance

Car and Travel Insurance are necessary for those who are taken over by the feeling of wanderlust, as are all of us from time to time. Leaving a country without travel insurance invites some pretty haphazard situations, as it’s not very uncommon for trips to foreign lands to turn south. Even if not by choice, profession sometimes requires you to travel abroad. In any case, no one is unsusceptible to cancelled flights, or even injuries while travelling. In this case, travel insurance turns out to be your best friend.

While living in Singapore, you’ll be required to take to a foreign land sooner or later, regardless of your age or profession. While on a trip, your accidents and misfortunes end up costing even
more, and travel insurance helps to alleviate that cost. One of the worst examples of this is misplacing luggage, which may include private documents and materials. In this case, the lack of insurance really ends up troubling you a lot. Dealing with lost luggage can be a pain, and cost exorbitantly high.

Companies like Car Insurance Shopper have contacts with companies that offer a variety of plans for acquisition of travel insurance – With the most common ones being per trip policies, family policies and annual policies.

Per trip policies are usually issued for short-term travel – typically 3 days or more. This is ideal for people who need to travel due to the need of their profession and is perhaps the most popular
policy Family policies, on the other hand, intend to cover your entire family, provided they are 18 to 21 years old, or younger. Family policies may be acclaimed for individual trips or for the fiscal year. Annual policies are specifically designed for people who constantly need to travel. They cover any said individual or group for a term of 1 year.

Travel insurances should be picked with utmost precaution, as they should cater specifically to your interests and needs. Car Insurance Shopper offers the bearer a variety of insurance offers, both for
individuals and families.

Now, travel insurance covers many different aspects of your trip. Some of these aspects are:-

1.) Personal accident coverage

This aims to provide compensation in case of any physical harm to the bearer of the policy. Most examples include temporary or permanent disablement or perishing altogether. The exact amount of compensation which will be received can be predicted by the insurer’s compensation table, which is present in the insurer’s policy documents. Usually, the compensation received is up to 50% of the value which was insured for by the bearer. Personal accident coverages vary greatly for different companies, and they depend on a lot of factors, with age being the most significant.

2.) Medical coverage

Medical coverage is extremely important, as a trip can be quickly ruined by even the most minor of illnesses. Medical coverage aims to protect you in case of illness abroad. Medical benefits usually include evacuation, visitation fees and hospital charges, that is the policy provides you money for evacuation from the country to your own, a relative visiting in case you cannot be evacuated, and daily fees for the hospital in which you may be admitted. Medical coverages are usually very significant and form a major part of the policy. Many policies offer benefits in this regard such as unlimited evacuation coverage or unlimited visiting coverage.

3.) Travel coverage

While the other two are additional features, travel coverage is the prime reason for getting travel
insurance. This aims to cover you in case of any problem during travel which is not physical. Travel insurance usually covers missed flights, which can cause delays in work, and also misplaced luggage, which ends up costing a lot without insurance. Additionally, travel insurance covers liabilities, that is it covers any additional cost you may acquire, due to damages to third-party properties. Travel insurance is a must-have for any tourist, as well as someone wanting to go abroad. Many times, the lack of travel insurance ends up costing exorbitantly high, putting a damper on the trip.

Thus, travelling without car or travel insurance from Singapore is not the best idea, especially not if going on an extended trip. Picking your travel insurance requires you to look at the benefits, your own requirements, services, as well as policies of a company.

All of these factors, with varying levels of importance given by different companies, makes it seem like a daunting task to pick between different insurance companies.

In conclusion, travelling should be undertaken only if you’re insured, as it not only alleviates cost but also acts as a backup plan in case of any mishap. Be safe, get insured.

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